I’m Kirstin, I’m 22. I like to bake and photograph. I started this blog in February 2009 when I was living in Washington, DC, as a way to pass time between college classes and as an excuse to bake (and eat) cupcakes. Then I graduated and worked in Iraq for eight months. It was unremarkable.

I got married in July 2010 at a rock club in DC. I wore a short dress and ate cupcakes, aka best wedding ever.

I like to see new places, but I think flying and driving both suck. I still find ways to see the world though. I usually pick countries to visit with little logic. Like Iceland for Spring Break.

Or, like moving to Kyrgyzstan. I moved to Bishkek in August 2010 to start a media research organization. It has had its ups and downs so far, but at least I got a kitten.

Feel free to contact me at kirstin [at] ivorypomegranate [dot] [com].